Andalusia Marine finds 4-wheelers top choice this time of year

Published 8:02 am Thursday, November 28, 2013

One might think that Andalusia Marine’s top seller during the Christmas holidays would be related to boats, but it’s not.

Andalusia Marine owner Shannon Free said what people are interested in the most are their 4-wheelers.

“Everybody wants them,” Free said.

Andalusia Marine has been in business since 2000. Free took over in 2010.

In addition to selling 4-wheelers, the shop also fixes and sells boats; marine stereos, inner tubes, life jackets and even battery chargers.

“We’ll fix and repair boats on any brand,” Free said. “It doesn’t have to be from a certain manufacturer.”


Andalusia Marine has two service technicians who can work on any type of engine on the water today.

Cold weather is now just starting to blow in and Free said it’s important to keep your inboard or outboard motor from freezing.

All water should be drained from the engine, the oil needs to be changed and a fuel stabilizer should be added to the fuel tank.

Free said he recommends Startron Enzyme fuel treatment.

“If you can’t perform this on your boat, then bring it to us and we will do this for you,” he said.

Free suggests lowering your boat’s engine and putting a cover over it because it decreases the chance of moisture build up.

In January, Andalusia Marine will be moved into its new showroom right next door to its shop, which is located at 1705 River Falls St., in Andalusia.

To call about boat repairs or sales, or for 4-wheelers, call Andalusia Marine at 427-1428.