Guns, gunsmithing, lessons at Opp Gun Shop

Published 7:26 am Thursday, November 28, 2013

At Opp Gun Shop, it may seem the businesses name tells you all you need to know, but owners James and Linda Clifton are offering much more than just a nice selection of firearms.

“We’re actually gunsmiths first,” Linda tells customers at her store’s locations on N. Main Street. “We do buy, sell and trade guns, and we have a wide variety for sale, but our primary function is gun repair.”

That being said, Linda and James also offer many services not often found in traditional gun shops.

James, a retired member of the U.S. Army, focuses on gun repair, and can also perform laser and boar sighting, as well as repairs to antique firearms. Linda said she focuses primarily on sales and customer support, but also offers a wide range of information for new gun owners – specifically women.

“We have a lot of information about gun safety around children and for women who are possibly carrying a firearm for the first time,” Linda said. “I can help women pick the right kind of gun, and I explain how to carry it and how to use it.”

Linda pointed toward new laser sights as a great way for women buying guns for protection to be able to feel confident in the accuracy of the weapon – especially in a potential break-in situation, where the home would likely be dark.

“I show them how to get down behind something and aim so they know exactly where they are shooting,” she said. “You want to make sure you are hitting what you are aiming for, and not shooting into another room. The overall goal is to make them feel comfortable and safe with the weapon.”

Linda said the safety and training tips are not part of her sales pitch, nor or they an added cost, but rather something she feels compelled to do as yet another benefit to the Clifton’s customer base.

Accessories of all kinds can also be found at Opp Gun Shop, which is an American Expedition dealer, and also sells holsters, scopes and Montana West purses (including models with gun-concealing pockets).


Linda said the store has added layaway options for the upcoming holiday season, which may be used for one gun at a time, and is also offering sales on both Montana West purses and American Expedition products.

But, when the holidays end, the benefits of shopping at Opp Guns Store do not.

“We have information on all of the new gun laws,” Linda said.

Opp Gun Shop is also a Federal Firearms Licensed dealer, which means firearms can be ordered online and shipped to the store’s location. They also perform background checks in house and can perform special orders on guns.

Opp Gun Shop is located at 406C N. Main Street. For more information, they can bee reached at 334.764.3457 or by email at, or online at