We’re having what for dinner?

Published 12:00 am Thursday, November 28, 2013

If I was in charge…

When the question was posed to a few Andalusia Elementary School students, the answers will make some parents thankful that their little bundles of joy are not in charge of today’s Thanksgiving menu.

Abi Bass said at her table, the featured dish would be ice cream.

“Oh yeah,” she said. “Dots, too. Ice cream dots because they’re so cool. Ha ha.”

However, when asked if her mother would agree to that she said no.

“She’d make me cook chicken,” Bass said. “But I’d make sure it was roasted chicken with ranch dressing.”

Jaidyn Malea Berry said if she was in charge of the kitchen, she’d make her mother proud.

“I’d get some turkey and put it on the stove,” she said. “I’d make sure it was real hot, and then we’d have vegetables. Cucumbers, because they’re my favorite.”

Chloe Jackson wasn’t sure what she’d have in the oven, but she’d “bake it in a pan at 10 for five minutes. And we’d have drinks, plates, forks, knives, spoons and napkins.”

Kielan Davis said his family would dine in style.

“I’d cook the biggest turkey I could find,” he said. “I’d fry it up. Put it in a big ol’ pot and let it stew or something in hot water. Then we’d have green beans from the farm. Maybe some chicken. It think that’d do it.”

Harold Jones said if he were in charge, he’d quickly turn over the spatula.

“It’d be chicken, and my momma would cook it,” he said. “How? I don’t know. I just hope she’d cook it good.”

Hunter Davis would be one to throw tradition out the window.

“Pizza, and I would put it in my stomach,” Davis said when asked what he would cook. “A cheese one, too. Pepperoni is too greasy. I don’t like it.”