Wait ‘til next year

Published 12:10 am Saturday, November 30, 2013

Bulldogs already focused on ‘14 season

Andalusia’s O.T. Green hated hanging up his football pads when the Bulldogs’ season ended after the first round of the Class 4A state playoffs.

Green, a rising senior, and the Bulldogs quickly got right back to work the next Tuesday on their offseason workout program. The program includes all football players who aren’t currently playing basketball spending their athletic periods hitting the weights in the new indoor weight room.

The defensive lineman said the Bulldogs changed up what they normally do in the weight room this fall.

“We’re going to go heavier in the weight room,” Green said. “We’re not going as heavy on running as we did last year. The running cut down on us.”

Green said the team will work on cardio toward the spring.

One thing that Green said is different right now is that all of the players are wearing the same garb each day while lifting weights.

Addiitionally, the players’ mind sets have changed, the rising senior said.

“We’re being accountable for each other,” Green said. “When people get in trouble in school, we all get in trouble for it. It makes everybody be accountable for each other. We’re being more disciplined.

“This year, everybody knows what’s expected of us. We all know what’s at stake,” he said.

When asked how the 2013 finish to the season helped the team, Green said it gave the players a “starting point” to work and get better.

“I know the season ended earlier than we had hoped, but it gave us a starting point to let us know what we’ve got to work on and who is going to be the big leaders next year,” he said.

After the fall semester is over, the Bulldogs will hit the weights again in the spring, and then will hold summer workouts before the 2014 season.

Green said he believes next year will be a “big” year for the senior class.

“Everybody in our class has either started or got playing time,” he said. “It’s going to be a big year for our class. If we don’t make the playoffs, almost everybody in our class will be in the paper every week or on (TV).”