Confederate flag issue was undoing of Dems

Published 1:07 am Saturday, December 7, 2013

Dear Editor,

The Alabama Democratic Party has been dying for 20 years, because of Gov. Jim Folsom’s removal of our Confederate Veterans’ Battle Flag from Alabama’s Capitol, which drove the pro-Confederate Democrat reluctantly into the arms of the Republican Party.

Unless Democrats can recapture this undecided pro-Confederate vote, the Party is dead.

Photos at Alabama’s Department of Archives prove that both black and white Alabamians were Confederate Veterans, received Confederate Veterans’ pensions from Alabama and attended Veterans’ reunions together after the War. The Battle Flag represents all Alabamians.

The pro-Confederate vote is the only swing vote during Alabama’s primaries and elections and will be received by the Party or candidate who lets Alabama vote on flying the Battle Flag on Alabama’s Capitol.

The good news for Democrats is that Republicans have totally failed to solidify these pro-Confederate voters, by refusing to place the flag issue on the ballot.

Even Lt. Gov. Kay Ivey, who defeated Jim Folsom using the Battle Flag issue, has done nothing.

This traditionally Democratic vote does not identify with the rich country-club Republicans, yet will vote against anyone, who dishonors the Confederate Flag, whether Democrat or Republican.


Roger K. Broxton, President

Confederate Heritage Fund