Make memories with a live tree

Published 11:38 pm Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The evergreen tree has long been a symbol of life in the midst of winter. The firs Christmas tree market was developed in 1851 in New York City. At that time, an 8 to 10-foot tree sold for a quarter. Today, prices have gone up and growers produce over 35,000,000 trees annually. Many are “choose and cut” operations where families go to the farm and cut their own tree.

Environmentally, one problem with cut trees, besides the fire hazard, is their short life span. They usually spend three to four weeks in the house and then must be “recycled.” Recycling a cut tree means taking it to a grinder at taxpayers’ expense, burning it or just throwing it on the trash pile and then to the dump. No matter how you care for a cut tree, it is no longer alive and will eventually have to be thrown away. Any cut tree is a dead tree!

There is a new trend that has grown in the last few years. After enjoying the tree inside your home for Christmas, plant it and it becomes a living Christmas tree. This could be the time to start your family thinking in an environmental way.

The Living Christmas Tree becomes a place for the birds to nest and continues to be a reminder of Christmas past as it grows along with your children. They may not recall taking the cut tree to the grinder at the big box store parking lot, but they will remember helping plant this year’s Christmas tree in the back yard. It’s as easy as purchasing a living tree tha you plant and decorate outside for many years.

Make a memory with your children.

Bruce Gibbs