Remember your favorite gift ever? They do.

Published 9:28 pm Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas is just eight days away, and while most people are looking ahead to what will be left under the tree this year, The Star-News asked about people the most memorable present they have received from years past.

Dorcus Williamson, who moved to Andalusia from Florida in 1960, said one of her most memorable presents came this year from her oldest son.

“I haven’t gotten it yet, but it’s been ordered, so I know what it is,” she said of a custom-made bowling ball she helped pick out. “I bowl in a league and the ball I use isn’t a house ball. It’s a little lighter, so I had to have it made. They will drill the finger holes in it for me.”

Williams said the ball will not only be custom-fitted for her, but will stand out from others because of its coloring.

“It’s lime green and yellow,” she said with a chuckle. “I know someone else saw the one I got in the book, so there will be another one that color. I know it’s someone in my league. I just hope it isn’t someone on my team.”

Jeremy Young, who is visiting New Hope Baptist Church in Red Level with his missionary parents Jason and Hannah, only has a few Christmas holidays to choose from so far, but had a quick answer when asked about his favorite present so far.

“A sword,” he said. “A big sword my sister gave me.”

Jeremy’s dad Jason was quick to point out the sword was plastic, but said his favorite Christmas present is also an easy answer.

“It may sound kind of corny, but the Lord Jesus Christ is the best present,” he said. “He’s the reason for the season.”

Jeremy’s older sister, Abigail said “a dolly” was her favorite present, while their younger brother, Jacob, simply answered “Christmas,” with a big grin.

Meanwhile, Judy Henley answered The Star-News via Facebook and said her most memorable present was a few years late making it under the tree.

“For years it seemed like I asked for a Lite Bright from Santa,” she said. “I never got it. Then, the year I didn’t ask for it, I got it and hardly played with it because I wanted something else by then. That silly Santa.”