Grinch steals the show

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The Grinch has been spotted at several places around Andalusia over the holidays.

The Grinch has been spotted at several places around Andalusia over the holidays.

“You’re a mean one Mr. Grinch,” the song says – but it’s a message that the Grinch says isn’t entirely true, for at least one day of the year.

Grinch, who visited Andalusia this month to celebrate the city’s Whoville Christmas, was spotted about town on a multitude of occasions dressed in his holiday finery. The Star-News caught up with him at the Andalusia Elementary School’s annual music program and asked how he found his way to Andalusia this holiday season.

“I got a personal invitation from a very, very special person very near and dear to me, and I couldn’t say no to, and I also know someone at the elementary school who it was difficult to say no to – Mrs. Cathy Powell, the music and art teacher at AES.

“I had second thoughts about (Thursday’s performance) but I didn’t want to disappoint the 800-plus students and faculty,” he said. “I was so pleased to have been invited and to share a little bit of the Christmas spirit with the people of Whoville.”

Grinch said that while the movie that made him famous is known to all, most may not realize it only portrays a brief period in his life.

“I must say that for 364 days a year, I do not like Christmas,” he said. When asked why, the Grinch said, “I think it was the name-calling and the bullying and all the giving that left people out. And the unkind spirits, but my heart swells when I see people being kind, and loving and giving to all.

“And that one day of the year, I love Christmas,” he said.

When asked what the best Christmas gift he could receive would be, the Grinch said, “a candy heart.”

“It would be to wear and to eat and to nibble on,” he said. “But I would let others hold it so that I could share my little bit of Christmas with them.”

The Grinch – played by former circuit clerk Roger Powell – was the highlight of the city’s Christmas events and parade, last week’s music production and many private engagements.

“But, I’ve spent enough time in Whoville,” the Grinch said. “It’s time for me to go.”