Writer laments loss of hospital

Published 12:00 am Saturday, January 4, 2014

I just wanna say I’m so very sorry we lost our hospital (last Friday). You see, it closed its doors and the clinic also. It closed its doors down and they just couldn’t stay open without the funds to keep them going. It is sad to know as little city as we have and it’s going down every day. And now our Florala hospital has had to close its doors.

Maybe something down the road later will happen for the good that our hospital will find a way to come back alive once more and stay open. We need this hospital very much.

I knew a while back that this was gonna happen because they did not have this many patients out there to keep the hospital going. Also a while back, some of the nurses and employees were cut back in pay. Some of them left after that.

I’m sure or I feel like Dr. Vishwanth had some patients that had to go out there alone. Now, what will they do? Where will they go now? Again, maybe somewhere down the road something will happen for the good and it will reopen again soon.

Also what about the rescue squad? What’s gonna happen to them now? Also what if someone needs a rescue squad here some time?

Well, again, I’m sorry this had to happen here. Wish them all good luck. Also what about James York? I think he is still in charge of them.

Barbara Sue Dennis



Editor’s Note: The Florala Rescue Squad is operational, and to reach an ambulance in Florala, call 911.