Historian shares tales of food folklore

Published 12:01 am Saturday, January 25, 2014

T here is a certain tradition that surrounds mealtime.

We say “grace,” serve certain foods, and remind people to “save your fork” for dessert – all practices that make our society (and the food we serve) unique.

On Friday, Joyce Cauthen presented Community Traditions in the Kitchen and Around the Table at the Andalusia Public Library. The program is part of The Way We Worked events designed to complement0125 bfront food cut the traveling Smithsonian exhibit currently on display at the Andalusia Chamber of Commerce.

And there was a lot of complimenting going on Friday by the 25 attendees, namely about “their momma’s cookin’.”

“There are stories that go along with the foods that we serve,” Cauthen said. “I collect those stories. Some may ask, ‘Why is that important?’ I tell them it shows that we all have something in common. And even in today’s society, we still have the opportunity for traditions to arise.”

Cauthen covered subjects such as favorite dishes, holidays, birthdays, superstitions and sayings.

Those attending the day’s gathering were encouraged to share their family members so that Cauthen could add those to her collections.

At the end of her presentation, Cauthen was presented with an Andalusia Tourism and Relocation Committee’s fundraiser cookbook, Heart and Soul: A Heritage Cookbook.

All agreed that the historical cookbook, since itreflects the culture and heritage of the Andalusia area, was a perfect addition to Cauthen’s collection.

Right: Joyce Cauthen stands next to her cookbook display Friday.