Local workers were great help

Published 1:47 am Saturday, January 25, 2014

Your recent article “Remember the way we worked” and in particular the Brooks Hardware story reminds me of an event of how helpful and kind individuals can be. We think it speaks well of the citizens of Andalusia. This happened several years ago.

My wife and I own her family farm north of Gantt and for the past 25 years or more our family and friends have gathered at the farm for the Thanksgiving holiday. This particular year good friends from Mobile drove their motor home up for the holiday. When they arrived the motor home was driven over the main water connection to the farm house and now no water and no material to make the fix. For all days for it to happen, Game day Auburn vs. Alabama, if not the biggest day in Alabama one of the biggest. Not having the necessary material to make the repair, we headed to Andalusia looking for the material needed. We visited all the known places and all were closed. We were just circling the square when we spotted an Andalusia police officer, I told him of our problem and asked if he knew of any place that was open. He knew of none. The officer said, “Wait a minute. Let me make a call.”

When he returned, he said he had called Mr. Brooks and he would be right down and open the store. He arrived soon after and I got the needed material. A big thanks to Mr. Brooks. I wish I could remember the officer’s name. At that time I did send a letter to the Andalusia Police Dept. thanking him for his help.

Another individual that we believes represents the good people of Andalusia is Mr. Sidney Waits. He put many hours in to helping my wife’s mother, Mrs. Ella Mae Clark ,in the donation of the Clark Log Cabin to the Historical Society of Andalusia.

A big thanks to the citizens of Andalusia.

Jane and George Walters