When South Alabama gives you ice …

Published 12:00 am Friday, January 31, 2014



What’s a Canadian in Andalusia to do when the streets ice over? Grab the skates and the hockey gear, of course.

That’s exactly what Vector employee Shaun Stubbs did Wednesday when the streets of Ashley Pointe subdivision were converted to an ice rink.

Stubbs, who works as director of customer support, is a 20-year employee at Vector. His wife, Hailey, said Thursday that while “the ice was poor quality,” it was the best fun to watch her daughter, 9-year-old Emily, and the family dog, Heidi, enjoy the day.

“We’re huge Vancouver Canucks fans,” Stubbs said. “The only way we can get our fix is ESPN 2.

“As soon as we could tell it was a thick coat of ice, Shaun said, ‘I’m going to try it,’ ” she said. “So up to the attic he went. The Alabama heat had taken its toll on the skates, but he said he thought he could get one more run out of them. And he did.”

Stubbs said her husband was able to make a few passes on the streets.

“He wobbled a bit, but it was certainly thick enough to do a couple of runs,” she said. “You know the skates cut into the ice, but it was a great day.”

So what did the neighbors think?

“No one saw us,” she said. “ It was just us and the dog, out there having a little giggle.”