Traffic stop nets Crack, cocaine, Lortab, Molly

Published 1:03 am Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A routine traffic stop Saturday in Florala turned into what officers are hoping to be a substantial dent in area drug sales.

Florala Police Department Sgt. and canine officer Paul Adams said three men were arrested after he and officer Todd Grimes pulled over their vehicle for a moving infraction and noticed them acting suspiciously.

“After talking with them, I noticed they were very nervous,” Adams said. “We got them out of the vehicle and got our canine, Bella, out. She alerted on the driver side door area.”

Quinton D. Matthews, 28, Christopher David Allen, 27, and Richard A. Potter II, 26, were arrested after a search of the vehicle turned up crack cocaine, cocaine, three bags of marijuana, Lortab pills and 15 grams NDMA, commonly referred to as “Molly.”

All three men were charged with possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute.

Adams said the amount of narcotics found in the vehicle, coupled with items such as digital scales, was consistent with individuals selling the drugs to others, adding officers are “hopeful,” the seizure will be a big blow to local drug dealers.

“Matthews is from Florala, but the other two are from Atlanta and currently residing in Crestview,” Adams said.

Adams also said the arrests marked the “third or fourth” incident in the past few months involving the drug “Molly,” a purer form of Ecstasy gaining popularity around the country.

All three men were booked into the Covington County Jail, each on a $225,000 bond.