Annexation is proposed

Published 12:50 am Wednesday, February 19, 2014

LBR residents ask to be in city

The Andalusia City Council on Tuesday has the first reading of an ordinance to annex property on Lindsey Bridge Road, at the request of four property owners.

“The property is out Lindsey Bridge Road,” Mayor Earl Johnson explained. “On the left-hand side, the city limits stops across from John Vick’s house. On the right-hand side, it continues to Easley Drive.

“Some property owners came to the city, and asked us to incorporate their properties,” he said.


If the homes were not incorporated into the city, the homeowners’ fire insurance was about to go up exponentially.

“We had one property owner, initially, who wanted us to annex about an acre,” he said. “Councilman (Ralph) Wells and Councilman (Kennith) Mount went out and talked to these folks so we could do this without having gaps in the city limits.”

The action will not affect the city’s ISO rating for fire coverage, nor will it require the city to provide additional maintenance, as it already has taken care of Lindsey Bridge Road to Easley Drive.

Because annexation requires an ordinance, the council will vote on the matter after the ordinance’s second reading, set for the Tues., March 4, meeting.