Brock acting as student director

Published 12:00 am Saturday, February 22, 2014

Student director Charlie Brock is held aloft by members of the cast.

Student director Charlie Brock is held aloft by members of the cast.

Charlie Brock is no newcomer to the stage, but he probably has never tackled so many responsibilities in one production before.

In Andalusia High School’s upcoming production of The Music Man, Brock is student director and plays the role of Tommy Djilas

“Mrs. Duebell asked me to help her out,” Brock said. “I thought this would be a great opportunity for me to learn new skills.

My responsibilities s a student director are a lot like the director. I mainly just take some of the scenes and put them together in my vision. I also will help her see things that need to happen such as blocking.”

Brock previously performed on the AHS stage in School House Rock, also under Duebelt’s direction. But he also has traveled the world as a member of the Mockingbird Players, who annually stage To Kill a Mockingbird in Monroeville.

“In 2008, my fiftth grade year, I auditioned for the role of Dill in To Kill a Mockingbird,” Brock said. “That year they offered and I accepted the understudy of Dill. I played Dill for that year and the year after that. Then I played the role of Jem for three years. In the years that I played Jem we traveled to Fayette, Ala., and to Hong Kong.”

At AHS, Brock also is involved in the AHS Band, is president of the Key Club, class treasurer, a member of Usher Club, Peer Helpers and the Memolusia staff.

His career goal is to be a commercial pilot.

Conductor: Bolton Davis
Salesmen: Jared Ammons, Austin Arnold, Jeremy Boyd, Charlie Brock, Ashton Elmore, Colton Elmore, Andrew Williamson
Professor Harold Hill: Hampton Glenn
Marion Paroo: Kat Dean
Marcellus Washburn: Andrew Williamson
Mayor George Shinn: Jerem Boyd
Eulalie Mackecknie Shinn: Caymond Hodge
Mrs. Paroo: Lorren Shaffer
Wintrhop Paroo: Ehtan Shellhouse
Amaryllis: Olivia Lane Wise
Constable Locke: Austin Arnold

Barbershop Quartet: Frank Shaffer, Jimmy Wilson, Perry Dillard and Bennie Shellhouse
Alma Hix: Yn Min Lee
Mrs. Squires: Ali Brown
Ethel Toffelmier: Elisabeth Christensen
Maud Dunlop: Jasmine Bryant
Tommy Djilas: Charlie Brock
Zneeta Shinn: Katrine Christensen
Gracie Shinn: Madison Robbins
Charlie Cowell: J.T. White

Dancers: Jaren Ammons, Ivy Beam, Charlie Brock, Katrine Christensen, Elizabeth Cravey, Bolton Davis, Georgia Dean, Emily Dendy, Bryce Dubose, Ashton Elmore, Colton Elmore, Joe Franklin, Valeria Holley, Chase Hopkins, Judy Johnson, Mary Johnson, Marcus Kirby, Katie Lambert, Tatum Moore, Devin Phillips Peyton Prevett, Madison Robbins, Clay Stephens and Mathew Zelensky

Pick-a-Little Ladies: Tory Ainsworth, Dezanee Ball, Alshuna Bonam, Haley Booker, Christian Davis, Jasmine English, Hollie Grantham, Joi Johnson, Shauna Longmire, Erica Marshall, Christy Presley, Shantasia Robertson, Julia Sanders, Rachel Sanders, Takeria Sharp, Alexious Stallworth, Blakely Stinner

Townspeople: Anna Ammons, Carla Capie, Shardae Chatman, Keyasha Comer, Tiesha Covington, Josh Dorsey, Erica Gardner, Zareyah Hines, Brianna McDonald, Destiny Neal, Jessica Peacock, Kelli Price, Tyra Price, Moesha Pryor, Olivia Smith, Lakeisha Taylor, Marriane Warthen, Maycee Worley and Tessa Worley

Directors: Paula Sue Duebelt; Angie Sasser; Sue Bass Wilson; Charlie Brock, student director; Karen Doulin; Mary Vines, director assistant; and  Dawn Jackson, student assistant.

Orchestra: Angie Sasser, director; Patty Meyer, flute/piccalo; Robert Meyer, keyboard; Riley Shaffer, drums; Faye Tisdale, keyboard.

Boys band: Luke Johnson, Steadman Glenn, Hudson Dean, Gracie Shellhouse, Nathan Shellhouse and Mason Turner.