Come back soon, AJ

Published 12:00 am Thursday, March 6, 2014

Here recently, there’s something that’s been missing in my life.

Ever since the world of professional wrestling and its entertainment value have fed curiosity these past few months, I’ve grown attached to certain WWE superstars.

Yes, there’s Daniel Bryan and his epic “YES Movement,” CM Punk, the Undertaker, the tag-team duo of the Usos, the Shield, the Wyatt Family and even Randy Orton who are filling my every-growing wrestling lexicon.

But there’s one superstar that’s been out of the limelight for some time that I really miss seeing inside the ring.

Her name is AJ Lee.

The Union City, N.J. native has been dazzling this fan ever since I saw her maniacal, yet sweet smile grace the TV screen on that particular week’s episode of “RAW.”

Other than her ability to sell anything so well through her mannerisms, Lee is quite the wrestler inside the ropes.

The 2012 Diva of the Year’s signature move is perfect for her personality. It’s called the Black Widow.

When given the right opportunity, Lee contorts herself over her opponent — like a black widow — while holding one arm out with her legs wrapped around her victim’s neck as she waits for the tap out.

The tap out always comes.

I say all of this to ask where the current longest reigning Divas Champion is at the moment?

The last time Lee made an appearance — albeit brief — was at the final pay-per-view event at Elimination Chamber on Sun., Feb. 23.

I haven’t seen her tweet much, either.

Could it be because of Punk, her boyfriend, taking some time off from wrestling to regroup?

Or could it be because she made the higher ups upset and that she’s in the dog house?

In any case, this fan and many others, hope Lee makes it back to being a part of the regular circuit.

If you’ll indulge me, here’s a little poem asking where could AJ Lee be?

AJ Lee, where are you?

I’m feeling blue not seeing you.

Oh where did you go?

Bring back your Black Widow?

Why don’t you come back?

It isn’t that bad.

Wrestlemania 30 is right around the corner.

Can we maybe see you a little sooner?

Between the ropes is where you shine.

Light it up, AJ. Light it up.