Spring break: Traffic stops net 26 drug, alcohol arrests

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Law enforcement officers from a variety of agencies filled the Covington County Jail with almost 30 drug-related arrests over the weekend.

Officers with the River Falls and Florala police departments, agents with the 22nd Judicial Drug Task Force and deputies from the Covington County Sheriff’s Department all pitched in for a total of 26 drug collars between Friday and Sunday, and tacked on another eight arrests for minors in possession of alcohol.

Florala Police Department notched 11 drug-related arrests over the three-day span.

Florala Police Chief Sonny Bedsole said the uptick in activity is typical this time of year, as it coincides with the annual spring break holiday.

“That’s pretty much what it was, just spring-breakers coming through,” Bedsole said, adding he expected the activity to continue at a higher-than-normal level throughout the month.

“Everyone gets out for spring break at different times across the country, so we usually won’t see it slow down until the first week or two in April.”

Bedsole said marijuana was the most common illegal substance officers found on suspects over the weekend, but added they found a total of eight bags of “Molly” between two cars. “Molly” is a mixture of drugs gaining popularity in the U.S.

River Falls Police Department netted eight total drug arrests over the weekend, as well as five for minors in possession of alcohol.

River Falls Police Chief Greg Jackson said a large number of suspects bonded out before being booked into the Covington County Jail, making this weekend’s number of arrests even larger than it appears on paper.

“I had 29 total marijuana arrests and 15 for alcohol,” Jackson said. “I didn’t have the first DUI. All of the alcohol charges were for minor in possession, and they were all traffic stops.”

Jackson, too, blamed the increase in illegal substances on this month’s spring break crowd. He said the majority of the activity his department sees this time of year is marijuana and alcohol, but added that two locals were arrested over the weekend for possession of meth.

The DTF also hauled in six suspects on drug-related charges over the weekend, and nabbed one minor for possession alcohol, while the sheriff’s department was responsible for one drug arrest.

For a complete list of persons arrested over the weekend, including charges and bond amounts, see page 4 of today’s edition.