Thanks to our umpires, who never win

Published 10:16 pm Tuesday, March 11, 2014

As we begin another exciting softball season, we have much to be thankful for.

We are extremely fortunate in this area to have such outstanding baseball and softball to watch because of great players, coaches, fans and umpires.

Yes, umpires — umpires that can never win no matter how hard they try.

Contrary to public opinion, we have an excellent group of umpires in our area; however,  we are missing one that has brought class and integrity to our community for the past 35 years.

Mr. Arlin Davis retired this year and the athletic fields are just not the same.

Mr. Davis provided a Christian example to our kids that will be very hard to replace.

He always brought an ‘attitude of gratitude’ to the game, and always reminded us what was really important — the example that we set for our children.

Softball will never be the same without Mr. Arlin, but the legacy that he left on our fields and in our hearts will remain forever.

Thank you Mr. Arlin for your service. We will indeed miss you.

-Jimmy Reeves