Despite viral rumor, no one died

Published 12:20 am Saturday, March 29, 2014

Crowson: No blood; sensational story circulating not true

Many things in South Alabama move pretty slowly, but rumors aren’t one of them, and a story that centered on an incident on Andalusia’s town square last weekend gained steam last week, but turned out to be less shocking than rumor would have it.

For those familiar with the tale: Yes, Brooks Hardware co-owner Nick Crowson did act as a good Samaritan last Saturday when he noticed something not quite right in downtown; No, there was no blood involved and no one died.

There also were no UFOs sighted and Bigfoot did not make an appearance.

What didn’t happen, Crowson said, is the account of the story in which a woman allegedly was found bleeding on the square, and later died. What did happen was Crowson noticed a couple having a more-than-casual conversation and stepped in to help.

“I was here Saturday evening and I heard some voices,” he said. “I looked out the window and there was a couple kind of fighting on the corner. It looked like the woman may have been in trouble, so I stepped out and started walking that way.”

That’s when, Crowson said, the man took off running. Now, police did show up, and Crowson said he doesn’t know what became of the couple.

But he does know the popular account of his weekend that has been floating around town is a bit more exciting than the truth. But then, rumors usually are.

Andalusia Police Department Assistant Chief Paul Dean said he, too, had heard the rumors.

“That’s all they are,” he said. “Rumors.”