Dozier contracts with county for police service

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, April 15, 2014

After more than a year without a police force and countless discussions to find a solution, the town of Dozier will once again have law enforcement in the small town of 329.

Former Police Chief Terry Mears resigned in March of 2013, after serving in the capacity since December 2008.

For more than a year, all calls have been routed to the Crenshaw County Sheriff’s Department.

The council approved two contracts on Monday night. The first between the housing authority, which will pay half of the salary and another contract with the Crenshaw County Commission.

County Attorney Levi Nichols said the contract would be monthly and if either party feels the contract isn’t working out they can given notice.

The contract will begin May 1 and will go until Dec. 3 on a 30-day basis.

“This will give the new sheriff time to come down here and meet with you,” Nichols said. “I can’t imagine a sheriff who wouldn’t want another deputy.”
Nichols said the contract has a renewal clause.

The new deputy, John Powell, will work for Sheriff Charles West and the town of Dozier and the housing authority will each pay $1,666 a month for the salary.
The county commission will pickup the insurance and benefits.

Nichols explained that the county would pay the deputy upfront and would invoice the town for the money.

Additionally, the county takes hold of the liability and the deputy will be a contract county employee.

“That means if he goes rogue, that’s not your problem,” Nichols said.

Powell, who currently works for the sheriff’s department, will have to take a drug test and a physical.

“I’ve asked the sheriff to go ahead and let him begin working down here,” Nichols said.

Nichols said Sheriff Charles West has assured him that he will do what he needs to do.

“I talked to the sheriff and he assured me he was going to improve things in our housing authority,” Mayor Roger Moody said.