Now and again, take the bus

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, April 30, 2014

I am a senior citizen and no longer drive. Considering the cost of maintaining a vehicle, the price of gas and my decreasing ability to drive safely after dark, I decided it was time to relinquish my driving privileges.

It was a hard decision to make. I now have to rely on others to take me shopping, to doctors’ appointments, to church, etc. My church friends are always there to help me get to services.

Although my children are willing to help me when I need transportation, they have their own agendas. They put their plans on hold to help me.

Then a friend reminded me of our local transit system (CATS bus). They are available Monday through Friday. Local round-trip fare is $4. If you have more than one stop, the extra stop is free. A third stop costs an extra dollar. I often ride the bus to Opp and back. Round trip is $8.

The drivers are courteous and friendly and the ride is enjoyable. They ask that you have correct change when you board the bus. Their phone number is 428-2667. Call them the day before you need their services.

Even if you still drive, park your car once in a while and take the bus.

Mabel Coleman