Brothers in arms

Published 12:01 am Friday, May 2, 2014

0502 spt-Maddoxes

Andalusia seniors Quinton (left) and Peyton Maddox have played on the same baseball team since they were 5 years old. | Andrew Garner/Star-News

Minding one’s “P’s” and “Q’s” isn’t anything new for Andalusia seniors Peyton and Quinton Maddox.

The fraternal twins have been playing on the same baseball team since they were 5 years old in little league.

“It’s interesting,” Quinton, also known as “Q,” said about playing baseball with Peyton. “He’s my biggest supporter by far. He kind of coaches me. He’ll pick up on something and tell me what I’m doing wrong.”

Peyton said it’s up and down at times while playing with his brother.

“Some days it’s good, and some days it’s bad,” Peyton said. “We have our days. He’s left-handed so he’s totally different from me. We do different stuff, so it’s like I help him with what he can’t see and he helps me with what I can’t see. I actually find it kind of cool.”

Earlier this season, Peyton, who is called “P” on the team, noticed that his brother wasn’t swinging the bat the right way.

“We were doing front toss one night and Ross (Graham) was feeding (pitching to) him,” Peyton said. “(Quinton) looked like he was in a slump, and he was pulling and not getting his feet down in time.

“I said, look you’ve got to do it this way,” he said.

Ever since then, Quinton has been a true Bulldog at the plate and is hitting in the top three or four of the line up.

“He picked up on two or three things I was doing with my step, my swing and my hands,” he said. “We fixed them in the cage and I then started producing.”

Quinton didn’t hesitate to say that Peyton knows more about the game of baseball than he does.

“By far,” he said.

On the field, Quinton plays at pitcher and first base, while Peyton is at right field.

Both said “no doubt” when asked if they hold each other accountable.

“In baseball, life; anything,” Peyton said.

“It doesn’t matter what it is or what I think about it, he’s an opinionated person,” Quinton said.

Quinton and Peyton will be holding each other accountable on the field again as they, along with the rest of the Bulldogs travel to play Childersburg in the Alabama High School Athletic Association’s Class 4A state quarterfinals.

Quinton and Peyton are the sons of Quint and Kay Maddox of Andalusia.