We could even have wrestling

Published 10:03 am Monday, May 5, 2014

Dear editor,

What is wrong with our Florala council and our mayor?

When the middle school closed down, it became empty. Chief Sonny Bedsole tried to get it for them, but no, the city didn’t want them to have it because it was too close to all the people and they were afraid of the noise. Sonny tried to buy it and the city would have some money. That didn’t work, either. You see, if I had the money, I would have them a jail, their command back, and also a new building like the rescue squad has.

You see, to get the city’s money back if they had the middle school, there is plenty of room there. They could have a place to have wrestling. A place to have some kind of ballgames on the weekend to get their money to pay for the building. Also, they could have a place to themselves , too. A room to have their coffee and snacks every day.

So why didn’t the council, the city and the mayor come to their senses and think about this if what this would help them . So now looks what has happened to this school. By the way, I think somehow if the chief and his officers had this place they could somehow control the noise there if it took it. So city and the rest, come to your senses and think about this would help you all. Think hard. So why not do some good for the city?

Tell this to Chief Bedsole and his officers and let’s see what happens. It can’t be any worse than what is fixing to come in here.


A concerned citizen

Barbara Sue Dennis


P.S. There is one nice officer. I want him to read this and think.