Hudson: Opp shaped me

Published 12:00 am Saturday, May 10, 2014

Opp’s own Lauren Bundrick Hudson gave credit to the City of Opportunity for the values instilled in her during her childhood.

“There are countless ways Opp has shaped me,” she said.

Hudson also said She felt the education given to Opp City Schools’ students is second to none.

And she would know.

The 2001 OHS graduate currently serves as manager of program services and contracting for the National Rural Health Association.

“I found my niche in health care administration,” she said. “I love my job in working to support towns like Opp.”

A program she currently works with is a 1-2 rural training program in which primary care residents spend one year working in an urban setting and the final two in the rural health world.

Hudson cited data that shows that the majority of physicians open practices within 60 miles of where they complete their residencies.

“We want to improve the quality of life in rural areas,” she said. “Each primary care physician contributes $1 million to $1.2 million to a community.”

Hudson shared how Opp helped lead her to Washington, D.C.

She recalled finding her voice at Becky’s Kinder College.

“I was a bossy kindergartener,” she said. “I learned how to find my little voice.”

Hudson also overcame a speech impediment, thanks to Laura Weaver, whom she said made it seem like a reward to attend speech.

Additionally, Hudson said she writes each day in her job in a variety of forms and she attributes her abilities to her English teachers at Opp.

She also credited Donna Gallion and Faye Tisdale with teaching her how to manage projects through involvement in school musicals.

Through growing up in Opp, Hudson said she learned the importance of trust and integrity; learning to improve, even when you’re not the best; failure is an option, but giving up is not; and to be a servant leader.

Throughout her speech, Hudson gave credit to long list of Opp residents who impacted her life.

She is the daughter of Linda Bundrick and the late Tracy Bundrick.