Ryan Clark knows his words

Published 12:02 am Thursday, May 22, 2014

Ryan Clark just found himself a new fan.

Clark, the Washington Redskins safety, has been a special guest analyst for ESPN and its shows for quite some time.

Earlier this year when I noticed the NFL pro on shows, I thought it would be just another player doing an adequate job just to get the appearance over with.

That wasn’t the case.

Clark speaks clearly, is poised, smart and stands behind what he says.

During ESPN’s “First Take,” in which he was a special analyst, Clark criticized NFL commissioner Roger Goodell’s inaction on punishment toward Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay.

Irsay was arrested March 16 for allegedly operating a vehicle while intoxicated, according to reports. The owner also had $29,000 in cash and bottles of prescription drugs in his vehicle at the time. Irsay faces four felony counts of possession of a controlled substance.

What sparked the debate on the show was the appearance of Irsay at an NFL owners meeting earlier this week in Atlanta, where he talked in front of cameras to speak about the possibility of Super Bowl IL going to Indianapolis. Minnesota won the vote.

Clark explained his problem with Goodell not punishing Irsay well on Wednesday’s “First Take.”

“Right now, if Jim Irsay is going to represent this league, represent the Indianapolis Colts, going to be on TV at the owners meetings, trying to bring a Super Bowl to Indianapolis after what he’s done? It shows the hypocrisy of the NFL and also Roger Goodell in the way that he deals with players and the way he deals for the people he works for,” Clark said.

After the meetings concluded, Goodell was asked about the situation and said there haven’t been any charges filed, and the answer is “until we have more information or more facts, we will let it play out,” according to a report from ESPN.com.

What really struck a nerve with Clark is the commissioner’s willingness to punish the players right away for violating league rules instead of owners. He referenced former teammate Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger as an example of Goodell’s swift action.

When somebody does something wrong, I expect them to own up to it.

We can’t forget that Irsay needs help because this isn’t a new thing to come across the owner’s radar.

Maybe a punishment from the NFL will spear Irsay in the right direction of getting the help he needs.

As for Clark, keep on doing what you do because I am one of many who will still be listening when you speak.