Chief: ‘The Falls’ are on private property

Published 12:01 am Thursday, June 5, 2014

River Falls Police Chief Greg Jackson is issuing a warning to teens and others who may be tempted to visit a local destination known simply as “The Falls.”

Jackson said the location, known for its natural waterfalls, has become a popular spot for teenage gatherings, underage drinking and other illegal activities.

“People need to remember that it is private property and they don’t need to be out there,” Jackson said. “We’ve had some problems in the past with teenage drinking and that sort of thing.”

Jackson also warned that even people not engaged in drinking or drug use are still at risk – as well as in violation of the law – when on the property.

“It’s dangerous out there and it’s real easy to get hurt,” Jackson said. “But again, it’s private property, so you don’t need to be out there at all.”