Stingrays turn focus to district after Troy

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, June 17, 2014

0617 spt-BJ Donaldson

BJ Donaldson competes in the breaststroke during an earlier meet this season. | Andrew Garner/Star-News

The Andalusia Stingrays wrapped up its regular season Saturday at a swim meet in Troy.

While there, the local team had several swimmers swam state qualifying times.

Saturday’s meet also signified the four-week mark before the Stingrays venture to Dothan to compete at district on July 12.

Andalusia advanced coach Gavin Donaldson said there are some swimmers in his group who aren’t where they need to be, but luckily they have some time to get those issues resolved before district.

“They have worked hard to this point, but have got to get some of the small technical issues fixed,” Donaldson said.

BJ Donaldson broke team records in the 100-yard individual medley (IM) and the 50-yard backstroke events. He swam the IM in 59.18 seconds, and the backstroke in 26.98 seconds.

Mary Beth Baker broke a team record in the 50-yard backstroke in 30.93 seconds.

Intermediate coach Andy Shaddix said he couldn’t be happier with his swimmers right now.

“When we started back in April, I really had no idea what to expect, but they have all bought in and continue to exceed almost every goal we have set as a team,” Shaddix said.

Beginners coach Carrie Browning said her 8U boys and girls relay teams swam some good times Saturday, and both have a good shot at going to state.

Additionally, Browning said she’s glad the team has a little time to get ready for district.

“Several of my kids have improved their times,” she said. “Most of my kids do just backstroke and freestyle, and I have a couple swim the 25-yard butterfly and do god job. Hopefully, we can do that at district.

“There were several improved times from the last meet to this one on Saturday,” she said. “I’m looking forward to see what they do at district.”

Swimmers who finished in the top three of their respective events, along with their finals times are listed below:

100-yard Individual Medley (IM)

• Alex Browning (1 minute, 34.83 seconds) and Aidan Vines (1:44.19);

• Anna Taylor (1:46.99*) and Pippen Turman (2:27.50);

• Stuart Baker (1:15.38*), West Parker (1:40.28*) and Ellis Mount (1:51.05*);

• Grace Philpott (1:20.62*) and Ava Bailey (1:29.85);

• Ethan Gobea (1:19.13*); and

• BJ Donaldson (59.18*), Mary Beth Baker (1:09.96*) and Cali Fillmer (1:10.89*).

25-yard/50-yard Breaststroke

• Anna Grace Scott (31.91);

• Alex Browning (48.95), Aidan Vines (54.98), Anna Taylor (53.66) and Ashli Parker (53.84);

• Stuart Baker (38.79*), West Parker (43.53), Grace Philpott (42.33) and Claire Breedlove (44.93); and

• Erin Philpott (51.24), Zach Parker (34.27), Ben Parker (35.99) and Jeremy Boyd (39.66).

25-yard/50-yard Freestyle

• Jake Talbott (24.04), Jackson Owen (26.15), Baylor Turman (25.71), Brianna Toney (20.25) and Anna Grace Scott (24.65);

• Aidan Vines (37.78), Alex Browning (38.30), Brad Talbott Jr. (38.51) and Anna Taylor (45.19);

• Demetric Toney (39.79), Claire Breedlove (34.39) and Ava Bailey (36.90);

• Ethan Gobea (28.17) and Katrine Christensen (35.79); and

• Jeremy Boyd (27.68).

200-yard Medley Relay

• Brad Talbott Jr., Alex Browning, Aidan Vines and Cody Wagoner (3:36.49);

• Stuart Baker, Ellis Mount, West Parker and Demetric Toney (4:01.73);

• Grace Philpott, Claire Breedlove, Ava Bailey and Annabelle Ezell (2:43.15);

• Hannah Wilkinson, Breanna Bowman, Kalli Turman and Kenna Pullin (4:21.39);

• Wyatt Taylor, Josh Bowman, Ethan Gobea and Connor McDonnell (3:04.47);

• BJ Donaldson, Ben Parker, Jeremy Boyd and Zach Parker (2:12.67); and

• Cali Fillmer, Erin Philpott, Katrine Christensen and Mary Beth Baker (2:31.75).

25-yard/50-yard Butterfly

• Jake Talbott (31.86*), Brianna Toney (36.61) and Eliana Forry (36.61);

• Aidan Vines (51.34) and Brad Talbott Jr. (1:18.01);

• West Parker (46.94), Demetric Toney (52.34) and Ava Bailey (39.77);

• Wyatt Taylor (44.64); and

• Cali Fillmer (29.01*).

25-yard/50-yard Backstroke

• Jake Talbott (25.22), Braxton Baker (27.82) and Baylor Turman (35.33);

• Brianna Toney (26.39), Anna Grace Scott (27.85) and Eliana Forry (28.40);

• Cody Wagoner (1:08.54), Anna Taylor (49.36) and Ashli Parker (50.34);

• Stuart Baker (34.21*), Addison Mount (51.41*), Grace Philpott (36.49*), Claire Breedlove (41.62) and Annabelle Ezell (44.63);

• Ethan Gobea (36.28) and Wyatt Taylor (42.09); and

• BJ Donaldson (26.98*) and Mary Beth Baker (30.93*).

50-yard/100-yard Freestyle

• Jack Talbott (57.73), Jackson Owen (1:03.33), Baylor Turman (1:03.43), Anna Grace Scott (54.61), Brianna Toney (56.32) and Sara Catherine Sansom (58.44);

• Alex Browning (1:27.81*), Brad Talbott Jr. (2:27.61);

• Stuart Baker (1:06.08*), Demetric Toney (1:39.96), Annabelle Ezell (1:30.98), Kalli Turman (1:48.33) and Breanna Bowman (1:48.69);

• Ethan Gobea (1:07.87) and Katrine Christensen (1:21.34); and

• Zach Parker (1:00.11), Jeremy Boyd (1:08.17), Ben Parker (1:13.15), Cali Fillmer (1:02.84) and Mary Beth Baker (1:01.23).

100-yard/200-yard Freestyle Relay

• Braxton Baker, Baylor Turman, Jackson Owen and Jake Talbott (1:46.55);

• Anna Grace Scott, Sara Catherine Sansom, Brianna Toney and Eliana Forry (1:43.30);

• Aidan Vines, Brad Talbott Jr., Cody Wagoner and Alex Browning (3:17.97);

• Ellis Mount, Addison Mount, Demetric Toney and Stuart Baker (2:33.35);

• Ava Bailey, Annabelle Ezell, Claire Breedlove and Grace Philpott (2:24.49).

• Zach Parker, Ben Parker, Jeremy Boyd and BJ Donaldson (1:49.24); and

• Mary Beth Baker, Erin Philpott, Katrine Christensen and Cali Fillmer (2:19.80).

200-yard Mixed IM

• Claire Breedlove (2:45.39), BJ Donaldson (2:24.69), Cali Fillmer (2:34.40) and Mary Beth Baker (2:36.78).

*denotes state qualifying time.