8U All-Stars can take the heat

Published 12:00 am Thursday, June 19, 2014

Those who would like to learn how to be impervious to the summer heat need to check out any district or state baseball or softball tournament.

Last weekend, the 8U Cal Ripken District 8 Baseball Tournament was held at Johnson Park in Andalusia, and from what I saw, the players put the baking heat on the back burner.

They were literally not affected by it and I found myself somewhat not suprised.

All weekend long I kept hearing that all these boys were doing is just having fun, and maybe that’s it.

Maybe it’s just about forgetting that it’s extremely hot outside and just going out and having fun in the afternoon or early evening.

Now, I must add that the sun did redden my skin a little bit and I did feel the after effects, but they were short-lived.

While taking pictures and notes at games, it didn’t take me long to look on the still-young faces of those boys to recognize that they were having the times of their lives.

This coming weekend, the City of Opp will be hosting the 10U Cal Ripken District 8 Baseball Tournament at its sportsplex, located behind the high school.

For the next few days, the highs in Opp will be in the upper 90s, with a low-percentage chance of rain in the forecast.

So, it’s the perfect weather for another summer ball tournament in the area.

Those who don’t have any sons or daughters playing in these exhibitions need to come out and enjoy the environment.

Not only do the players feed off of fan excitement, they genuinely like to see people rooting them on at their games.

Other than a good attitude, don’t forget to bring with you the most important item — sunscreen.

Because after all, the kids are the ones having the most fun out there.