AFD: It’s not legal to shoot fireworks here

Published 12:00 am Thursday, July 3, 2014

As Independence Day approaches, officials with Andalusia Fire Department are cautioning locals to put safety, as well as local fireworks laws, first when celebrating on Friday.

AFD Captain Tim Grimes said it is important that residents remember it is against the law to shoot fireworks anywhere inside the city limits of Andalusia.

“People don’t need to be shooting them off in their backyards,” Grimes said. “It’s a fire hazard for sure. That’s why the city has their big thing. Let the professionals do it.”

But, for those traveling outside of town to shoot fireworks, Grimes also said a few common-sense tips could help them avoid serious injury.

“Kids always need to have an adult around (when shooting fireworks),” he said. “You know, if a firework doesn’t go off, you wouldn’t want to approach it or pick up. Leave it there.”

Grimes said people shooting their own fireworks should also be sure to do so in an open area away from homes and any sort of dry timber or pine straw that could catch fire easily.

“Another serious problem is some people like to put fireworks propped up in containers and shoot them,” he said. “What that does is cause a pressure build up, and that pressure’s got to go somewhere. If it busts, you’ve got plastic or glass scattered everywhere, and that’s very dangerous.”

Grimes said holidays like the Fourth of July and New Years are typically quiet for the station, as long as residents observe the simple safety precautions, as well as the local laws.

“Most of the calls we get are usually about people not obeying the law about shooting them off in town,” he said.