Group hits gridiron on Sundays

Published 12:00 am Saturday, July 5, 2014

0705 spt-Tevin james, defenders

Tevin James (right) carries the ball away from Jerome Mathews and Brandon Lane. |
Andrew Garner/Star-News

On Sunday mornings, Frank Senn updates his Facebook status with these words — “Football at 2 at Kiwanis Building.”

For the past four years or so, Senn, a former Pleasant Home football player, has been reminding other football fanatics who want to play a pick up game that they can do so on the big field at the Dwight Mikel Sports Complex.

Depending on the Sunday, players — who range from age 15-25, give or take — will play a game of touch football. If there aren’t enough to form two teams of 11, the group will split up evenly with captains picking their teams for several rounds of offensive drives up and down the short span across the field.

Mostly, the players run passing drills, and try to juke their opponents out.

“During the school year is when a lo tot people come,” Senn said one recent Sunday afternoon.

For some time, players would show off their still-present football talents on the field near Dean’s Cake House.