10 split $15K

Published 11:52 pm Friday, July 11, 2014

Ten ticket holders split $1,500 in cash in the Andalusia Rotary Club’s 2014 Fantastic Domino Sweepstakes Friday night as part of the World Championship Domino Tournament.

Each year, the club sells 500 tickets in the sweepstakes. The holder of the last ticket drawn wins $15,000. But when there are only 10 tickets on the board, those holding the tickets can decide to split the prize pot.

Most years, at 10 tickets, someone wants to keep playing. But last night, all 10 were in agreement.

Winning ticket holders were Jim Willis, MD; Rudy King; Kevin Price; Louisa Baker; Ron Picking and Connie Lewis; Lisa Jones; Jack and Marcia Reichert; James and Patricia Jernigan; David Hudson Jr.; and Tom Albritton.