Cancer center, bus great assets

Published 12:00 am Saturday, July 19, 2014

I am sure I am not the only person who realizes how blessed our area is in having Sacred Heart Cancer and 21st Century Oncology in our area. The doctors and staff are phenomenal and they actually care about their patients. Would not be walking around now but for the grace of God and their treatments. To them I extend much gratitude and thanksgiving.
21st Century has recently acquired a new van driver. He is courteous and an excellent driver. If you are blessed and have family in the area, you most likely don’t need his assistance. However, if you are like myself and don’t have family in the area, he possibly can. You can’t ask about a service if you have no idea it exists. You don’t need to miss appointments. There were days I simply could not get myself there and back. What a blessing that van and its driver were to me. There are criteria you must meet to be eligible, but if you don’t ask you never know. I hope this helps get the word out and this service can help many others as it did me. To each of you and your family who are battling cancer, God bless you and keep you.
Cynthia McCready