Why reward excellence only in football?

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, July 30, 2014

On Monday, the Andalusia Board of Education adopted a supplement schedule that rewards excellence.

We wholeheartedly support the pursuit of excellence in any endeavor, most especially those related to education. However, in this instance, we take issue with the board’s action. Because while Andalusia City Schools provides supplements for those educators who do “extras,” ranging from coaching to sponsoring yearbooks, directing the band, or being a department head or grade level chair, the schedule adopted this week only rewards excellence in football.

If the AHS Bulldogs win the semifinals in football, the head coach will receive $1,200 and each of his six assistants will receive $1,000. If they succeed in the following week and win the championship, it’s another $1,200 for the head coach and $1,000 for the assistants. Based on the schedule adopted Monday night, if the Bulldogs won a state championship, the board would pay a total of $14,400 in bonuses to coaches.

Andalusia High School has a storied football tradition, and a pool of supporters who have dug deep to support the program in hopes of returning to the dominance of the Don Sharpe years. But the truth is, the ‘Dogs haven’t made it past the first round in football since 2007, while teams in other sports have made it as far as the semifinals and finals.

We love football as much as anybody in Andalusia, but believe excellence should be rewarded in all things, not just football.