Football is close, baby!

Published 12:00 am Thursday, July 31, 2014

The afternoon light is just about right.

Just about this time of year, I always notice the sun light late in the afternoons because it gives off this brighter-than-normal glow.

Maybe it’s just because it’s late summer, but to me, it’s just a sign that football is right around the corner.

And, it is.

Fall practice starts on Monday and local teams will hit their respective practice fields to get ready for the start of the 2014 season.

Those who have been around a while know that we at The Star-News put out a special preseason football magazine that highlights our six high school teams.

We are currently hard at work getting information together for it, so if you see me scurrying about and not talking much, it’s because I’m focused on what I need to do at that point in time to get the right shot or the right story for the publication.

Then, I’ll probably have to leave in a hurry too, so don’t take offense if I don’t speak to you on the way out.

This is probably the most busy time of year for me, other than what takes place in the spring.

Being this busy, I’m pretty fortunate.

As I’ve told many people before, those first two weeks after the end of the school year were a little tough.

I literally felt like I was scraping the bottom of the barrel, where I’d have to make up stories almost.

But, alas, district, state and regional tournaments, along with other sporting events, carried me through the end of June and into July.

It’s been non-stop since and I couldn’t be more happy.

Another thing I’m excited about is the fact that training camp for college football started this week.

Alabama began its camp today, and Auburn gets started tomorrow.

Troy started camp this week.

I don’t know if you’ve taken this away from my column, but I can’t wait for football season to start.

Like many new seasons that have crept upon us, I’ll have to watch some games to get used to the rhythm at which the players play every down.

That shouldn’t take too long.

Yep, the sun light is just about right and when Fri., Aug. 22 comes around, it’s going to be perfect.