Sales tax holiday continues

Published 12:00 am Saturday, August 2, 2014


If you haven’t already taken advantage of the ongoing tax-free weekend, you still have two days to get in on the savings.

The state of Alabama, most local municipalities and the county commission has waived sales tax on back-to-school items for this weekend.

The holiday began at 12:01 a.m. on Friday and ends at midnight on Sunday.

Included in the tax-exempt items this weekend are clothing, provided it is $100 or less per article of clothing; computer software, with computers and school computer supplies under $750 also tax free; and school supplies $50 or less per item.

Friday, crowds were already growing at both Goody’s and JCPenney in Andalusia and managers say they only expect to see them get larger as the weekend continues.

“It’s been a little bit busier so far today, but I expect it to be a lot busier Saturday and Sunday,” said Stephanie Kelley, store manager at Andalusia’s Goody’s. “Parents will be off work and that’s almost always when they all come in.”

Kelley said the tax-free weekend for school supplies is always a busy weekend for the store, which sales clothing for all ages.

At Factory Connection, store manager Frances Spann said business was booming Friday, adding that has been the trend in recent years.

“Friday was our biggest day of the weekend the last two years,” she said. “And we expect to be again this year. We just listen to what our customers say, and a lot of them say they shop locally on Friday and then go out of town to shop on the weekends.”

And locals were indeed shopping Friday, including Amyia Bradley and her grandmother Charlie Mae Ervin, who said they were shopping for clothes for Bradley’s freshman year at Andalusia High School. Ervin said they put off their shopping, waiting specifically for this weekend’s tax break.