OCS eyes $12.9M budget

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Despite a drastic decrease in the number of students in Opp City Schools last school year, the school system is expected to still pass a $12.9 million budget for fiscal year 2015.

Average daily membership for the system has continued to drop since its peak in the 1997-1998 school year, and it reached its lowest of 1,262.50 last year. For the previous year enrollment was 1,324,70.

“Loss of state funds has not impacted our classrooms,” said OCS Chief Financial Officer Linda Banks.

And projected enrollment for this school year is up to an estimated 1,267 students.

OCS is expected to employ 149, with 82.85 units funded through the state foundation program; 37.92 funded through other state allocations; 27.22 federally funded and 3.62 local units.

Of the $12.9 million budget, $7.6 million will come from state funds; $1.36 million will come from federal funds; $2.97 million in local funds; and $900,000 from other sources.

Instructional and instructional support services will make up the majority of the budget at $7.8 million; operations and maintenance will receive $1.19 million; auxiliary will receive $1.4 million; $679,000 will go toward administrative; $205,000 toward capital outlay and $791,000 toward debt service.

Other highlights include $97,000 in state allocations for the school nurse program; $54,000 in fleet renewal; $82,800 from the office of school readiness for the preschool program.

A second budget hearing is set for Sept. 11.