Bozemans emigrated from Europe in the late 1600s

Published 12:04 am Saturday, August 23, 2014

The Bozeman family of this area was featured in two different columns several years earlier.

Since that time additional information on the family has been made available and gives rise to today’s writing.

From some notes recorded on, it is believed that the Bozeman ancestry

came from Holland and was spelled Bosman, Bozman or Bozeman eventually.

The name itself is of Dutch origin, which supports the theory of the family’s origin being Holland.

At some point, Bozeman ancestors emigrated from Europe to America and seemingly settled first in Maryland.

Some years later most of them migrated south to settle in North Carolina. also provides some earlier generations than known previously.

The earliest

found there is a Samuel Bozeman who was married to Mary White.

He was born in 1684, but the place is not known. He died in 1740 in North Carolina.

Mary was born in 1700 in Maine and died in 1730 in North Carolina.

Their son, Mordica Bozeman, was born in 1705 in Edgecombe County, N.C and died there in 1760. Mordica’s wife, Elizabeth ?, was born in 1708 in Virginia and died in 1770 in North Carolina.

Mordica and Elizabeth Bozeman reared at least the following children: Paul: John Lewis, b. 1735, d. 1783, m. Anne Tillman; Ralph, b. 1749; and Peter, b. 1750.

The family line of John Lewis Bozeman is the one being followed in this writing.

John Lewis’s mother, Elizabeth Bozeman, was born in Virginia, and some records have indicated he was born there as well. He died in South Carolina a few years after the American Revolution.

The children identified for him and his wife, Anne Tillman, include the following: Daniel; Sarah, m. James Myrick Long; David Philemon, b. 1758, d. 1820-30, m. Susannah Holloway (1760­-1835); David James, b. 1770, d. 1831, m. Winford

Wallace; and John Lewis Jr., b. 1780, d. 1870, m. Mary Jane Archibald Kennedy (1794­-1846).

The son Philemon Bozeman is the one who brought the family to South Alabama circa 1818 when he settled in the Burnt Corn Springs community of Monroe County. (Covington County would not be established until 1821.)

He sold his land in Edgefield District, S.C. and moved to the newly opened Alabama Territory. Coming with him were his wife, unmarried children and two married children with families. In 1919, Philemon and his son, David, bought land there through the Cahaba Land Office.

David was enumerated in Conecuh County in 1820, and his widowed mother was living next door to him.

Two sons have been identified for David Bozeman: Lewis P., b. 1812; and James Poole, b. 1815, d. 1867 TX, m. Martha Letha Morris (1819­-1894).

Currently a number of his descendants reside In Monroe and Washington Counties.

Philemon’s son, James Richard Bozeman, moved his family to Monroe County in 1822.

Only three years later, he was accidentally shot by his brother, Lewis, while they were hunting.

As expected, Lewis took care of James’s widow, Rachael Bozeman, and their seven children until his death.

Two of these children remained in Covington County when Rachael and the other children moved to Louisiana.

John Bozeman had married Elizabeth Jordan, and Mary “Polly” Bozeman had married Jonathan Carter.

These couples lived in the Rose Hill area.

Philemon’s youngest son, Daniel, served as Postmaster for Burnt Corn Springs in 1821.

He purchased land there, but in 1841 he moved with other relatives to Caddo Parish, La.

Philemon died within a few years after arriving in Monroe County and left his wife, Susannah (Holloway), a widow.

They had reared the following six children: David, b. 1782­-85, d. 1840­-44, m. Elizabeth Poole (1792­-1850); Nancy, b. 1787; James Richard, b. 1789, d. 1825, m. Rachael Rowe; Lewis, b. 1792, d. 1869, m. Dempsey Rogers/Rodgers; Daniel, b. 1793, d. 1859, m. Sarah Hollingsworth; and Anna, b. 1796, m. Littleberry Rodgers.

Philemon’s brother, John Lewis Bozeman Jr., and wife, Mary Jane Archibald Kennedy (1794­-1846), reared the following children: James Tillman, b. ca 1821, d. Before 1885; Toliver Lewis, b. 1823, m. Eliza Woodslide; David Lilly, b. 1825, d. 1868, m. (1) Narcissus ? (2) J.B. Leverette; Sara Kennedy, b. 1827, m. Bailey Millford; Eliza, b. 1829, m. Gabriel McGee; and John James, b. 1831, d. 1901, m. Lila Wilson.

Looking at Philemon’s family, his son, Lewis Bozeman, and his wife, Dempesy, had the following children: Emily, b. 1819; Elizabeth, b. 1821, m. Council D. Taylor; John L., b. 1823, m. Matilda Sims; James Harmon, b. 1825, d. 1901, m. (1) Martha Jane Mancill (2) Adeline Elizabeth Cauley (1829­-1900); Eliza, b. 1827; Dempsey, b. 1829, m. (1) Simeon Green Mancill (2) Wilbur or Wilkes Sims; Daniel T., b. 1832; Chesley Whitfield, b. 1835, m. Missouri A. Samatha Childree; and Mahala, b. 1837, d. 1890, m. Seth Sims.

Lewis Bozeman has been reported to be the first person buried in the old Bozeman Cemetery at Searight.

Many of his descendants are buried there, and other relatives are buried atGoodhope.

Lewis Bozeman’s second oldest son, James Harmon Bozeman, and his first wife, Martha Jane Mancill, had twin daughters before her death: Mary Elizabeth and Mahala Ann, b. 1850.

He and his second wife, Adeline Elizabeth Cauley, reared the following children: Martha “Mattie” Caroline, b. 1852, d. 1928, m. William Alexander Campbell (1850­-1929); James Daniel, b. 1855, d 1935, m. (1) Mary Ann Elizabeth Wells (1861­-1917) (2) Ida Nall (1882­-1977); Thomas Compton, b. 1857, d. 1925, m. (1) Hattie Ester Cole (2) Henrietta J.

Hudson; Anna J., b. 1859, m. Joseph J. Moore; William Simpson, b. 1869, m. (1) Jessie

C. Benson (2) Sarah “Sallie” Satterwhite; Melissa Evaline, b. 1871, m. Andrew Sidney Rawls (1857­-1938); and Della R. Frazier, b. 1874, m. Edward Clinton Hogg; and Sweet.

James Harmon Bozeman’s second son, Thomas Compton Bozeman, became a prominent citizen of the Gantt community.

He was postmaster at the Shirley Post Office from January 1887 to December 1888 and was replaced by his brother, James Daniel.

He became a medical doctor and was able to practice in and serve his Gantt community.

He and his first wife had five children, and he and his second wife had seven.

Sources for this writing included and Bozeman family genealogical records compiled by James David Bozeman Jr. of Orlando, Fla.

Appreciation is expressed to Benny Barrow for sharing his family records.

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