‘Mrs. Dean’ celebrates 20 years of 7-layer cakes

Published 12:00 am Sunday, August 31, 2014


With the help of a wonderful staff and four generations of family, Dean’s Cake House on Friday celebrated 20 years serving the city of Andalusia and the entire Southeast.

“What an accomplishment,” Andalusia City Clerk John Thompson said during a proclamation ceremony held during an all-day open house featuring free samples of Mrs. Dean’s famous cakes.

“On behalf of the city, the mayor, city council and all the citizens of the city of Andalusia, we deeply appreciate 20 long, hard years and all these delicious cakes.”

Dean Jacobs, owner of the bakery, opened the store in 1994 and has become famous for being the home of the seven-layer cake.

The business now produces more than 740 seven-layer cakes per day as well as hundreds of cookies, brownies, fudge and two-layer cakes.

Among the best selling desserts are the seven-layer chocolate and caramel cakes, but Jacobs’ personal favorite is the lemon.

Jacobs invited her customers to help celebrate the anniversary by providing an assortment of cakes, cookies and fudge at the business.

“We have cooked plenty,” Jacobs said. “We’re baking everything we’ve got and it is out front.”

Not only was the event celebrated by patrons, but by the four generations of Jacobs’ family and her supportive staff.

The secret to her 20-year anniversary, she says, is owed to the people behind her, the staff.

In order to work there, she said, all you need is a good personality.

“They learn and it doesn’t take them long.” Jacobs said. “They pick it right up.”

Patty Dozier, who had been with the business for 13 years and recently retired, came to have a good time and help celebrate by serving cake samples.

Dozier stationed herself at a table of cakes and handed out slices of the desserts with Beth Colvin, Jacobs’ granddaughter.

Jacobs’ great-granddaughter, Allie Beth, was there to support the anniversary and was sure to sample the different cakes.

Jacobs’ said she no longer bakes at her home.

“If they can’t eat what’s right here then they just don’t need cake,” she said.