Snow in Andalusia’s forecast

Published 12:05 am Tuesday, September 2, 2014

It might be hot as blue blazes right now, but there is definitely a white Christmas forecast for Andalusia.

Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Chrissie Duffy said this year’s Christmas theme is Candyland, and already at least nine organizations have committed to build a playhouse of sorts for the square.

Come December, the Court Square will be home to a white Christmas.

Come December, the Court Square will be home to a white Christmas.

Among the structures planned are replicas of city hall, Springdale, a market, and other Andalusia landmarks.

So far, the City of Andalusia, Andalusia Area Chamber of Commerce, Covington Electric, Covington Millwork and Truss, Taylor Linen, Covington Realtor’s Association , Andalusia Regional Hospital, Gitty-Up-N-Go and Southeast Alabama Gas District have committed to build cottages for the event.

In addition, Duffy has secured snow machines for the square, and the first flakes will fall on Candyland the evening of the Christmas parade, Thurs., Dec. 4. After that, there’ll be snow at appointed times at least every Friday, Saturday and Sunday until Christmas.

The idea, Duffy said, is to draw parents with young children who’ve never seen snow into town, and to encourage them to dine and shop while they’re here.

Billboards will begin going up in October, she said, and handouts will be sent home with students. She also plans to promote the event during the Covington County Fair.