Published 12:25 am Saturday, September 6, 2014


An Opp councilman and a few good neighbors put a plan to action on Friday and cleaned up a property that was abated – again – at this week’s council meeting.

District 2 Councilman T.D. Morgan and two residents Deann Church and Lewis Boothe, spent the majority of the day trimming back undergrowth and cleaning up the yards at the Charles Street property.

“We’ve done the front and back yard,” Morgan said.

Morgan, who during his tenure as a city councilman, has adamantly opposed abating homes that have occupants, made the motion at Tuesday night’s meeting to abate the property since the owner was no longer living there.

On Friday, Morgan said he just wanted to get the guy some help.

“This property doesn’t need abating,” he said. “We’re going to come back over here and finish.”

Morgan explained his reasoning for helping cleanup the property.

“I’m doing it to help a neighbor,” he said. “He’s my friend and it’s my district. It’s for the good of my district.”

The property was also abated in April of 2013.

Morgan abstained from voting on the issue at that time citing he didn’t feel it was right to abate a property in which someone resides.

At that time, City Planner Jason Bryan said the property had no windows.

On Friday, the windows were still missing and the house was is a state of disarray.

“I’m also going to contact my friend in the window business to see if we can get some used windows for the house,” Morgan said Friday.