County among places to top 100 in August

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, September 9, 2014

For the first time in more than two years, Alabama weather monitoring stations recorded a 100-degree day in August.

According to Dr. John Christy, state climatologist, prior to Aug. 6, the last time such event occurred, was on Aug. 2, 2012.

Included in the stations with more than 100-degree weather was:

• Aug. 6, South Alabama Regional Airport, 101 degrees;

• Aug. 7, South Alabama Regional Airport, 100 degrees;

• Aug. 23, Open Pond, 100 degrees;

• Aug. 24, Open Pond, 100 degrees;

“After a relatively mild June and July, we had a slightly warmer than normal August with a relative handful of sites hitting or going just over the 100-degree mark,” Christy said. “Aug. 6, was the first 100-degree day in more than two years at an Alabama station. The last time that occurred was 101 degrees reported on Aug. 2, at both Russellville and Muscle Shoals.”

Christy said the state saw two “mini-heat waves” in August.

“Lest anyone think this is a long list of high temperatures, the total number of station-days of 100 degrees or higher in August 2007 was 1,119 statewide,” he said. “During August 2007, there were 26 stations that reported maximum temperatures of at least 106 degrees, with the hottest that year being a scorching 109 degrees in Hamilton on Aug. 16.”

2007 was the hottest August on record, Christy said.

Christy explained that much of Alabama did see a slightly warmer August than normal, however, the average was only 0.31 degrees warmer than normal.

In Andalusia, the maximum reported temperature was 102 degrees, while the average was 96 degrees and the minimum was 89 degrees.

In 2013, the maximum reported was 95 degrees, and the minimum was 73 degrees, with the average being 89 degrees.

Comparatively, Andalusia saw a max temperature of 102 degrees in 2007 and a minimum of 88 degrees.

Andalusia saw its hottest temperature August in 2010, reporting at 105-degree maximum.