New massage biz opens in Andy

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Self-doubt and closed doors did not thwart a local woman from opening a new business here in Andalusia.

Owner Nancy Alcorn held the grand opening for Ephinany’s Therapeutic Massage in August and she said Tuesday the business is showing signs of blossoming.

“I have crossed a lot of hurdles to get to where I am going, starting from nothing,” Alcorn said. “It was not my dream, but it was something I was driven to.

“I sat up one day and realized that I had to do something,” she said.

After moving back to the United States from Canada to be with her father, Alcorn decided to attend college when helping a niece with her application process.

Alcorn attended a nine-month course in massage therapy at the LBW CC MacArthur campus, despite her self doubt.

“I got in the first day of class and Ms. Candy Givhan (the instructor) said we had tests every day,” she said. “I almost cried on the spot. I’ve never done well in testing.”

But Alcorn said she had a support system that helped push her to succeed.

That support system and perseverance led to the completion of the program and Alcorn’s desire to open her own massage parlor.

“As soon as I knew I had my license, I went looking for a place,” she said.

Alcorn said she had first planned to work from her house, but wanted to create a place of relaxation for herself.

So she went looking for a place from which to work, but was turned away by local businesses.

“Nobody would open their doors to me,” she said. “So I decided to open my doors to everybody else.”

Since opening her doors, Alcorn said she has had a steady influx of clientele and has people calling her every day.

“I offer massages for 30 minutes, an hour or 90 minutes,” she said.

Alcorn charges $35 for a 30-minute session, $60 for 60 minutes and $80 for 90 minutes. She recommended the 90-minute session to get the full experience.

Alcorn is driven by helping those who come through her doors.

“Basically, I feel like this community needs someone and I need this community. We need each other,” Alcorn said. “I feel 100 percent better when someone comes through those doors, dragging themselves in, and goes out a completely changed person.”

For those who may be interested in her services, she’ll be at the Kiwanis Covington County fair next month.

“I have the massage chair, which I will be taking to the fair,” she said.

Epiphany’s has one other massage therapist, Whitney Owens of Brantley, and Alcorn is looking to bring in an aesthetician, hair dresser or nail tech to the space.

Also available at Epiphany’s are the IT Works product line, which Alcorn personally uses and implements into her massages.

Epiphany’s is located at 512 South Three Notch and hours of operation are Mon. – Thurs., 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Fri., 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

For more information, follow Alcorn at