OCS approves $1.8M plan

Published 11:50 pm Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Opp City Board of Education approved a five-year capital plan totaling $1.8 million on Wednesday.

The capital plan serves as a wish list of projects the system needs to accomplish.

Priority one, which is scheduled for fiscal year 2015, is adding a 4,000 square-foot weight room addition to the existing physical education building at Opp High School. The project is estimated to cost $300,000, which will be paid for out of public school funds.

The second project on the list is a $750,000 HVAC renovation for OHS. At this current time, the funding source is unknown, but it is budgeted in the 2015 budget year.

Priority three, calls for a $500,000 HVAC renovation, and interior wall redesign and modification for Opp Middle School. The project will be paid for out of federal funds in FY2016.

In FY2015, renovations for the boys’ locker room shower area are scheduled. The cost is estimated at $25,000 and will be paid for out of local funds.

Priority five, includes renovations at OMS in which replacement of damaged ceiling tile and floor covering caused from old roof leaks will be replaced. The cost is estimated at $75,000 and will be paid for by public school funds.

In FY2017, the system expects to replace water-damaged ceiling tile in most areas of the main building at OHS. The estimated cost is $100,000 and will be paid for through leveraged public school funds.

Priority seven, includes six student restrooms renovation at OHS. Estimated cost is $20,000 to be paid for out of local funds in FY2017.

Additionally in FY2018, the system plans to do a renovation of the gym dressing rooms and restrooms at OMS. The project is estimated to cost $50,000 in public school funds.

Priority nine, includes replacing the main distribution of electrical panels and subpanels in the gym and cafeteria. Cost is estimated at $50,000 to be paid for out of local funds in FY2019.

In other business, the board:

• approved the retirement of Keith Ball, OMS teacher;

• offers of employment for Russell Folmar, as alternative school director; and Kay Bellino, teacher at OMS.

• approved the $12.4 million budget for FY 2015.