Drug court gets new leader

Published 12:00 am Friday, September 12, 2014

The Covington County Drug Court has welcomed a new face and coordinator this month.

Sabrina Cobb, formerly the foundation specialist at LBW Community College, took on the role of Drug Court coordinator on Sept. 1.


“I will be responsible for monitoring all participants and their progress, creating program standards, operating procedures and rules,” Cobb said.

The drug court was established to reduce drug-related criminal offenses, repeat offender rates, and crime as a whole in Covington County, Cobb said.

Additionally, the court is used to enhance public safety and to increase restitution recovery.

Cobb hopes to maintain and develop working relationships with outside agencies that help to fulfill the mission of the court. She will be working with referral services and mental health in assisting in the evaluation and treatment that participants need.

“I hope to be able to meet with civic groups in the future to encourage their support of our participants as both employers and community members,” she said.

Cobb said she believes she has all the requirements to fit this position with everything she has learned in her career.

“This position requires someone that is organized and outgoing,” she said. “Someone that has a willingness to help people, but to also be stern when necessary.”

The participants in the program are under a very specific and strict set of criteria, she said.

“Participants are monitored very closely,” Cobb said. “They must report for random drug tests, obtain their GED, pay restitution and fines in whole, report for court monthly, and attend weekly and self-help meetings.”

Cobb is originally from Pensacola, Fla., but has been in the area since 1995 when her father, Howard West, retired from the military and joined the sheriff’s department.

She is married to Adam Cobb and they have two children, Lyric and Noah.