Writers met Samaritans in Andalusia

Published 1:47 am Saturday, September 20, 2014

Last Wednesday morning, my wife and I were driving toward Andalusia on the way to a family funeral in Selma. As we approached the edge of Andalusia on Highway 29, we had a puncture in a tire and had to change it. We are both age 82 and I was unable to loosen the lug bolts which had been put on much too tight — apparently with a power wrench.

A man who was walking along the road going to a local store saw our predicament and offered to help. With a lot of effort and strain, he was able to remove some of the bolts. A truck with another man arrived, saw us and stopped to help. He saw the problem, called a friend who quickly arrived with another friend, a tool box and sockets. One of them held the socket wrench while another jumped on it until the bolts came loose. They then changed the tire and accepted our thanks, but refused the gifts we offered them to show our appreciation. We were soon back on the road.

We arrived in time for the funeral and graveside service. We then went back to the Church and enjoyed lunch and visiting with our relatives in the Fellowship Hall. It was an inspirational day, celebrating the life of a beloved and honored family member. Our participation was made possible by the kindness of men who put other things aside to help a couple of strangers.

In a world full of strife and trouble, it’s heartening to know there are people like the men who helped us in Andalusia.

Thank you.

Joe & Peg Gilbert

Destin, Fla.