400+ attend Sav-A-Life banquet

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, September 23, 2014

“What is God’s end game?”

That’s the question keynote speaker Dr. Del Tackett put forth at last night’s Sav-A-Life Banquet.

Tackett is the architect and teacher of Focus on the Family’s Truth Project. More than 400 people attended the 23rd annual banquet and fundr-aiser, held at the Kiwanis Community Center last night.

God’s end game, he said, is to bring forth life.

“The profound reality is that the God we serve, His end game, is fruitful, abundant life,” Tackett said.

Preservation of life is the goal of the Sav-A-Life organization, which offers free and confidential ultrasounds, counseling, education and support to empower women to carry their babies to term.

That free ultrasound can be “the truth window to the womb,” Tackett said.

“The lie has been proffered to women is that it’s just a blob of tissue,” he said. “The world will continue to tell us a lie.”

Those, like Sav-A-Life, who support pro-life initiatives, aren’t just concerned about the life of the unborn child, but also for the parents involved.

Tackett said, “I don’t know how many babies are going to be aborted this year. If it’s more than one, it’s too many. If it’s one, it’s too many.

“The question is what is God calling us to do?” Tackett said. “It could be to build a relationship with a woman who is scared to death.”

Sav-A-Life board chairman Corey Bryan introduced new staff members and volunteers, including Hannah Cross, the executive director of Sav-A-Life of Covington County; Kim Olson, Florala director; Terri Leigh Armstrong, abstinence ed coordinator; Jan Gager, nurse manager, and Dianne Gray, administrative assistant.

Volunteers recognized included Nancy Darnell, Debra Defee, Mary Green, Vivian Hickey, Lori Stanfield, Christy Watts, Laura Weaver, Sheila Anderson, Amy Bundy, Jennifer Davidson, Joanne Henrickson, Karen Long and Mary Robbins.