New Sav-A-Life director wants to spread love

Published 1:21 am Saturday, September 27, 2014

Sav-A-Life of Covington County recently named a new executive director, and she has a big vision for the organization.

Andalusia native Hannah Cross took the reins of the pregnancy resource center in late summer, after former executive director Amy Davis stepped down to spend more time with her family.

Cross said after graduation from Andalusia High School in 2007, she earned a degree in vocal performance with a minor in secondary education.

She taught at French Camp Academy in Mississippi for two years before moving back Andalusia.

Cross said she learned of the position from Sav-A-Life’s nurse manager, who attends Hopewell Baptist Church with her.

“After hearing of my story of leaving French Camp and being on the job search, (she) informed me of the opened position of executive director of Sav-A-Life,” she said. “When she first told me of the position, I thought, ‘Well, I’ve got applications in at schools all over the state, and I’d much rather teach, but since she mentioned it to me, I’ll at least fill out an application.’”

Cross said usually opportunities that come at her from left field are “more often than not, God’s way of showing me His next step for me. So, I applied, and one month later was offered the position by the board.”

It was at French Camp Academy that Cross developed a understanding of reaching out to those in need.

“Having worked at French Camp Academy, which is a private Christian school for children from troubled backgrounds and broken homes, I understand the brokenness the teenage generation experience when they leave school and return to their place of residence,” she said. “I hesitate in calling it a home because a home is supposed to offer unconditional love and security, and a large portion of our school-age children do not have that offered in their homes. I understand the desire many of these girls have to seek love from others, especially boys.”

Cross said that many girls carry a huge longing for male affection and will get it where they can.

“Unfortunately, a large number of them end up with unplanned pregnancies,” she said.

Cross said she would love for Sav-A-Life to “go younger.”

“What I mean by that is targeting the younger generations, who are just now hearing and listening to what the world has to offer, and encouraging them that they are not alone,” she said. “They have people to whom they can turn for guidance and love. They have a heavenly father that loves them in spite of what’s in their heart.”

Cross said she would like to impact the younger generation by implementing a Bible study called “Embrace Grace.”

“It is a pro-love curriculum designed to help churches love on and minister to young, single, pregnant ladies,” she said. “It is a 12-week program that takes these girls through attributes of who they are in Christ. It doesn’t dwell on their sin; instead it shows them God’s unconditional love and unending grace.”

Cross said at the end of the 12-week program, a baby shower is held for the woman to receive gifts for her baby from a family or group within the host church.

“After the baby shower comes my favorite part: a princess pamper party,” she said. “Each girl is made up with make-up, hair, nails, dress, possibly even a massage.”

Additionally, participants are treated to a four-course meal that is cooked for them, and they are served.”

Through the program, the woman is shown how God sees her as his princess, Cross said.

Cross said when she interviewed, she felt unqualified for the positon.

“But who am I to deny an answered prayer and tremendous blessing from God,” she said. “After all, he does call us to take steps that require us to lean only on his understanding and strength; it’s when we get comfortable and feel like we can do it on our own that we begin to take baby steps off the narrow path to which He has called His children.”

Cross can be reached at 222-0644.