Ordinances didn’t help us

Published 1:06 am Saturday, October 11, 2014

When Mark Anderson and Bruce Maddox were chief and captain of the Florala Police Department and Grady Hobbs was on the council, I thought things would change. The council made lots of ordinances and nothing was done.

First, there was an ordinance that if you park your car on the side of the road even in front of your house you would be given a ticket. If that didn’t work, the city would pull your care and put it in pound.

The next one was if there were old cars piled up in your yard, they would remove them. Well, that fell through, also.

On other thing was the noise ordinance. A few times tickets were given and you had to go to court on this. This fell through after a period of time. Mark said this would help the senior citizens to have a little better quiet. This fell through. You do not have no tickets being given no more.

One other thing that was passed was the dog ordinance. If your dog was caught running around and not shut up, they would be picked up and took to Andalusia and put in pound.You would have to pay to get them out.

I had some letters that I sent and got from other cities on this. The letters I had I took to our chief on the ordinance on this. So nothing was done on either of these. Our city has just gone down the hill.

Barbara Sue Dennis