Hubbard’s focus on drugs, violent crime, if elected

Published 11:27 pm Thursday, October 16, 2014

Joe Hubbard, the Democratic nominee for attorney general, said if elected he will focus on drug trafficking issues and violent crime if elected.

Hubbard, 33, is serving his first term in the Alabama House of Representatives. He campaigned in Andalusia Thursday morning.

“From representing (Sheriff) Dennis Meeks for years, I know methamphetamine is a big issue down here,” Hubbard said. “That’s something we are talking a lot about.”

Because local law enforcement has been “cracking down” on the drug manufacturing, trafficking from out-of-state manufacturers has become a big issue, he said.

Hubbard said he plans to utilize existing weigh stations to x drug trafficking and also sex trafficking through the use of 18-wheelers.

“What we have and what we aren’t using are the weigh stations,” he said. “They’ve been closed for a year or more due to budget cuts.

“What we need is to reopen these weigh stations on the border and we need to have trained officers stationed there to recognize red flags.”

Additionally, Hubbard said he plans to keep taxpayer funds aimed toward those goals and away from the gaming issues that he said current AG Luther Strange has focused on in the current term. Strange has worked to shut down electronic bingo in both Indian and non-Indian facilities.

Hubbard also said he recognizes that coal jobs are important to Alabama families and communities, and he will protect those jobs, despite EPA regulations.

The regulations would force the reduction of carbon emissions from power production, which is expected to in turn raise energy rates.

“For the foreseeable future, coal is what fuels Alabama’s energy,” Hubbard said. “Coal feeds Alabama families and communities, and I will fight to protect those families.”