Straughn, now 9-1, dominates Bullock Co.

Published 12:37 pm Saturday, October 18, 2014

The Straughn Tigers trampled Bullock County 47-8 Friday night on the road.

Although it didn’t start well for the Tigers, they walked away from Hornet Stadium with their heads high.

Bullock County struggled to move the chains as they punted on their first drive. The Tigers managed to block the punt and recover it on the 12-yard line.

Daryl George then ran up the middle for a 7-yard gain and again around the left side hitting the pylon as he dove in the end zone. Touchdown Tigers. Straughn attempted a two-point conversion, but it was unsuccessful. They now lead 6-0 with 5:49 left in the first quarter.

The Hornets took the kickoff return up to the 17-yard line, but couldn’t make anything of the drive and ended in a punt.

Straughn received the punt on the 48-yard line. George ran up the middle breaking three tackles for a three yard gain and finally taken down by four opposing players. They couldn’t seem to find the yardage, however, forcing them to punt on fourth. A Hornet blocked the punt and Bullock County recovered the ball on the 12-yard line.

In the red zone, Bullock County ran three plays consecutively, but Straughn stopped all three short of the line of scrimmage. Hornets Coach called for a pass on fourth and 19, but it would be picked off by Jacob Hawkins and ruled out of bounds by officials. Turnover on downs, Tigers took over on the 19-yard line.

Jarvaris Samuel opened the drive for the Tigers with a 43 yard run followed by another 12 yard run. George then took it for 22 yards scoring the second touchdown of the night. The two-point failed once more and the Tigers lead 12-0 with 11:55 in the half.

The next few drives were back and fourth until Straughn received a punt on the 40 yard line, and George ran for 24 yards followed by a 19 yard gain by Samuel before George took it on in to score. With the PAT, Tigers lead 19-0 with 5:28 left in the half.

Yet again, Bullock County couldn’t find their footing and ended their drive in a punt. Tigers took over on the 44-yard line. Rollin Kinsaul fumbled the snap but managed to pick it up and complete a pass to Allan George for a 1-yard gain. Straughn then drove down field when George took it up the middle for a touchdown. Tigers now lead 26-0 at halftime.

The second half was very repetitive as Bullock County would punt or turnover, and Straughn drove down field to the end zone using small gains that moved the chains.

Barret Bush took it in from the 3-yard line on the first drive of the second half with 8:38 left in the third. Tigers lead 33-0.

The second drive was very impressive with a pass from Kinsaul to Jacob Whatley for a gain of 20 yards followed by a pass to Ethan Wilson for a gain of 18 yards. Kinsaul then handed the ball off to George who scored on an 18 yard run. Tigers lead 40-0 with 5:06 in the third.

The Tigers scored their last touchdown in the fourth quarter with 7:40 left in the game. Hawkins took the handoff from 23 yards back and broke multiple tackles before scoring. Straughn still lead 47-0.

The game seemed to be over with a Tiger shutout until Bullock County received possession and drove down field with a 45-yard gain followed by a touchdown by Jarvis Burgess. Their two-point conversion was successful ending the game 47-8.

Tigers head coach Taylor said, “I can’t complain about a win. We will start Monday polishing up for next week.”